Antique Longcase Mahogany Clock -

Wm. ( William ) Carter of London.A late 18C, classic "London," long door, flame magogany, brass dial, longcase clock of smaller than normal size with rare "whole arch" man o'war rocking ship AUTOMATON. 8 day, 5 pillar movement.

LCMAH 365 - £19,850



Typical late 18C, classic "London", long door, exceptional flame mahogany case having good rich colour and tonal variations. Smaller than normal size with breakarch top, side windows to hood, and typical "London" two step base, the lower, shaped. Especially good colour, small and compact.


12" breakarch brass dial with rare "whole arch" man o'war rocking ship AUTOMATON to arch. Engraved "The Royal Ann' to top of arched dial with whole arch scene depicting a fortified breakwater, 3 ( static ) ships behind the principle, large rocking ship fronted by fretted out waves across the base of the arch.

Recessed seconds disc with scalloped edges, engraved name plaque - Wm. Carter London to the lower finely matted dial centre and conventional datebox above the 6 o'clock position. Blued, cut steel hands, brass strip pendulum and brass bound weights.


High quality, 5 pillar, 8 day, movement with hourly ( rack ) striking.


Wm. ( William ) Carter of London. Several candidates in London at this period, the most likely being recorded "Southwark mid 18C," based on no more evidence than Southwark was a thriving dock area of London at the time and local makers were known to produce rocking ship automata.

DATE - Circa 1780.

HEIGHT - 85" ( 216 cms. ). N.B. London clocks of this size especially with "whole arch," large automata, small automata or moonphases are relatively rare

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