Antique Longcase Mahogany Clock -

A very good, typically "Bristol," breakarch painted dial, long door, flame mahogany longcase clock with swan neck pediment and Adam & Eve AUTOMATON by J ( John ) Warry of Bristol circa 1815. N.B. There are two John Warry of Bristol clockmakers recorded, father and son.

LCMAH 360 - £7,850


A very good, very well looked after, typically "Bristol," long door, flame mahogany case with eagle/ball centred swan neck pediment, hand carved, gilded, rose paterae, wavy inside edge to hood door, Corinthian capitals to fluted hood columns, repeated as "flat" examples to trunk front.Trunk door with flame mahogany oval, base with flame mahogany circle. With boxwood and ebony stringing plus satinwood details. Excellent cabinetwork. No back feet - a "leaner."


12" breakarch Kempson & Felton painted dial with Adam & Eve AUTOMATON to arch ( Eve's arm moving ), "wavy Arabic" chapters, with "wavy Arabic" outers at 60, 15, 30, and 45, unusual punch decorated, brass hands, subsidiary seconds dial and "sad mouth" date aperture. Signed J Warry Briftol to lower dial centre. N.B. Kempson & Felton ( painted dialmakers ) are recorded Weaman Street, Birmingham 1808 - 1815.


Good quality, 8 day, 4 pillar movement with hourly ( rack ) striking to a single bell.


J. ( John ) Warry of Bristol. N.B. There are two John Warry of Bristol clockmakers recorded, father and son. John I was born in 1783 and John II was apprenticed in 1830 - so this clock may be confidently attributed to John I as, dating by style, it's circa 1815 which ties in nicely with dates for the dialmakers.

DATE - Circa 1815.

HEIGHT - 90" ( 228.5 cms. ) or 87.8" ( 223 cms. ) ex. Finial.

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