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Specialising in Antique Moonphase Longcase Grandfather Clocks, Bracket Clocks & Barometers for sale with showroom in Swindon, Wiltshire

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Some of our Favourite Clocks

Some of our favourite 'Special' clocks for sale in our collection

Our extensive private showroom is home to over 100 classic Moonphase Longcase Clocks, restored to exceptional standards awaiting new owners to give them new history within your family story.

Hand Picked

All our clocks are hand picked for uniqueness, historical value and quality of maker. They then go under our complete restoration programme.


Lovingly restored by expert craftsmen, all clocks are expertly restored to exacting standards to last a lifetime.


The movements and mechanism undergo a full restoration and calibrated to become the precise timekeepers they should be.

Personal Service

Allan Smith prides himself on a unique personal service, offering 'A one of a kind' service within the antique clock industry, from purchase to installation and handover, the whole experience is superb!

Insurance Valuations

With each clock comes a set of high quality prints and a specific valuation report and clock dossier for you to add to your home insurance.

Advice and Recommendations

Allan Smith can recommend clocks to fit a certain criteria, age, maker or town of origin

How to set up your Longcase Clock

My 'Antique Clock' Background

As a small child, still in short trousers, I can remember, quite vividly, standing in front of my great aunt's antique grandfather clock, after running an errand for her, sucking on a stripey "bullseye" boiled sweet and being SO impressed and overawed by the magnificent antique clock that dominated the whole room.

I distinctly remember saying to myself "when I'm grown up I'm having one of these clocks".

Little did I realise that many years later, after a 5 year engineering apprenticeship, qualification as a Precision Engineer and with various Engineering and Management exams under my belt I would leave the Aerospace Industry in 1988 and turn my passion for antique clocks into, not just a business, but also a way of life. I am extraordinarily fortunate that my engineering background has blended so well with my passion for antique clocks and has produced a livelihood and lasting friendships throughout Britain, and indeed, the whole world.

I like to feel that I treat my customers the way I would wish to be treated myself and remind them that they're not just buying an antique clocks they're buying my expertise in selecting the finest proportioned, most original, examples available, which are then sympathetically restored to the highest standards under my personal supervision, using only the very best restorers and materials.

Many of my customers have become personal friends and that's the way I like it. I do what I do because I love it. I'm VERY lucky. Great Aunt Dot's antique longcase clock had moonphases, which is what I specialise in. I wonder how my life would be if Great Aunt Dot hadn't had an antique longcase clock?

Frequently Asked Questions about our Clocks and our Service

We are always asked the same questions from our customers when looking for a classic moonphase antique clock, so we have put together a little summary of Frequently Asked Question below

Are your clocks guaranteed

Yes, all my clocks are guaranteed in writing for 12 months. In practice I have never charged for remedial work in or out of guarantee period since the inception of my business in October 1988.

What do you include with the clock I buy.

All clocks are supplied with a bottle of high tech. synthetic clock oil together with a wire applicator, a jar of suitably coloured beeswax polish, a set of A4 colour prints of the clock linked to an insurance valuation.

What standards do you restore your clocks to?

All my clocks are restored to original tolerances - "last a lifetime" standards - not just made to work.

Do you deliver and set up the clock?

I can deliver and set up for you anywhere in the UK and near continent for free. Fully insured shipment can be organised direct to your door virtually anywhere in the world.

Can I view the clocks in person before buying?

Of course! I can collect you from Swindon Bus or Rail Station (10 minutes away). If you are driving, see the location map on the contact us page. I can also collect from Bristol airport or Heathrow airport.

How many clocks do you have for sale?

I try to maintain a stock of about 100 longcase clocks plus a few good bracket clocks, wall clocks and barometers etc.

I do not see the kind of clock I am looking for. Can you help?

Of course! Just e mail, telephone or write with as much detail about your requirements as possible and I shall do my best to help you. Also, please look through the 'Archive' section to see if there are clocks sold which may match your requirements, and so provide a pattern.

How do I care and set up my clock?

Please click on the link for all the care and setting up information for your clock.

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